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The Company

Project YX is highly personalized e-commerce. We are a well funded early-stage startup working with alpha customers on track for a 2017 launch.

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Full Benefits

Project YX offers all full time employees medical, dental and vision insurance.  Long live our team.

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Share in the success of the company with ownership.  Project YX offers hires equity in stock.

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Our campus features a private mountain-bike race course, drone race course, and surfer-friendly locker-room.

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Take Flight

Project YX has a private airport, and offers complimentary flight instruction to all hires.

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Daily Cuisine

Our staff enjoy daily catered lunches prepared by celebrated chefs serving fresh and organic California cuisine.

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We provide subsidized housing to ensure Bay Area housing prices won’t change your quality of life at home.

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Free Yoga

A centered mind and body is important to feeling great at work.  We like our team happy and healthy and provide free yoga classes weekly.

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