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By taking care of all aspects of busy clients' wardrobe needs we provide a super-personalized shopping service that manages the purchase activities of clients with yearly clothing expenditures of $20K to $200K+.

The service combines expert styling services provided in the client's home with the efficiency of online shopping. The company was seed-funded with $2.0M in 2016, has 25 employees, and started generating revenue in early 2017


As web search was built on massive website indexes in the '90s and ecommerce on extensive product catalogs in the early 2000s we are creating a digital personal catalog. An indexed personal catalog of owned items and daily usage tracking are the keys to super-personalized ecommerce.

Project YX collects over 2,000 data points per client prior to making the first purchase on their behalf. We utilize our background in search, computer vision and machine learning to deliver an in-home luxury experience.

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